WDW ideology presented at Skopje Kreativa Festival :

WDW Workshops :

We have joined the forces of young designers and architects to work on developing a window display solutions. They were mentored by the professionals : Katarina Urosevic Samardzic, Aleksandar Protic and Tijana Pavlov.

Master class :
Window Displays - A story to tell with Soline d`Aboville

Master class :
Fashion and the Cultural identity of a City with Aleksandra Olenska

Promoting WDW's activities at Skopje Film Festival

Special presentation of WDW and WDW’s activities at Skopje Film Festival. We met many creative people and discussed WDW’s mission with them. We are happy for the big interest for the upcoming WDW’s activities. 

Soft launch of WDW at FWSK

WDW movement is all about appealing window displays, open dialogue between fashion designers and architects and enhanced visual culture. We’re thrilled to invite you in our mission to transform the center of the city of Skopje into a modern design gallery.