Our Philosophy:

Fashion is ephemeral. Architecture is permanent. Fashion moves. Architecture is still.

Fashion and architecture have been in creative conversation for a very long time, both, the designer and the architect use geometry to generate forms, they create structure, design lines and shapes. Fashion is dressing bodies, and architecture is dressing places.

The fusion between architecture and fashion seems to be in vogue right now. And where else to witness this connection, then in the cities’ window displays. We are surrounded with them in our everyday life and they give us a glimpse into an aesthetic fantasy snapshot. As passers-by we experience the window displays as an instant portrayal of visual culture in the city we live in.

Window displays are re-emerging as the new mantra in the fashion industry and they are changing fast from a tedious, lifeless presentation of clothes to a dynamic form of art. Fashion designers worldwide look at window display as a critical artistic tool of promotion and as a chance to create the most critical first impression. And because of that, they combine the forces with architects in order to achieve this artistic form of expression. In modern day Skopje this opportunity is neither explored nor used enough in a creative manner. It is time to invite the city to open its gates for the global trends in visual depiction of the synergy between fashion and architecture. The first challenge is to help the city, in this aspect, and to transform it in a modern metropolis.

The fusion between these two spheres, especially between the young emerging designers and architects, could lead towards provoking innovative and unique visual artworks and opening the market for new business partnerships. By initiating an open dialogue between fashion designers and architects, WDW will lead the way towards enhancing the local visual culture and imposing new standards. Thus, while inscribing their communication into appealing window displays, the city becomes a modern design gallery and an active playerin the design education.