WDW Agenda:

Learn, Visualize, Execute!

Designed to provide young fashion designers and architects a stage where they can join forces and discover their creativity, WDW is a year-long immersive program with four main activities.

Master Classes led by key industry experts in fashion design, visual merchandising and architecture. Two Master Classes will happen in May and one in September. They will be free of charge, open to all interested creative minds. However, being a student or a young professional in the field of fashion design and architecture is a plus. Email registration for the Master Classes will be open soon. Participation in the Master Classes will be considered as advantage in the selection process for the Workshops, and the final activity – Window Displays Week Festival.

A week-long Workshops under mentorship of well-established local and regional specialists in the fields of fashion and architecture. The first part of the Workshops will be organized at the end of May (3 days), and the second part is scheduled for September (2 days).  The Workshops are balanced with theory and practical interactive classes. Participation will be free of charge, open to all interested students and young emerging fashion designers and architects. Open call for participation will be published soon, with clear selection criteria. 24 participants will be chosen to participate in the Workshops. 6 groups will be created, each will be formed by 2 fashion designers and 2 architects. Led by two mentors, each group will have a budged to create one window display in a city center shop. The mentoring process will be held in June and mid-July, as well as mid-September to October. Each group will build their specific calendar for mentoring process with their mentors.

The main activity is the Window Displays Week Festival that will characterize the center of Skopje as an aesthetically appealing modern space. The festival will happen in November. Minimum 6 window displays in the city center will be secured for the projects of the Workshop participants.

The last activity will be to establish a Platform for future collaboration highlighting the potential of continual alliance between fashion designers and architects. The idea is to create annual event and a platform for strengthening the knowledge and stimulating career development in these fields.