Window Displays Week

What do we need to do in order to elevate the visual culture of a city? Why is the collaboration between fashion and architecture essential in inscribing a new urban aesthetic vocabulary? These are the questions that WDW – Window Displays Week festival will be asking. We detected a void in understanding the importance of Window Displays as key visual story-tellers in the city. In order to fill this void, WDW is starting a journey in which fashion designers and architects will shape a common milieu from where they will address the need for changing the visual identity of the city of Skopje.

WHAT we do:

WDW is a new festival for creativity, modernity and uniqueness attained in the window displays which are aesthetic testimonials of the city’s visual culture. It centers on fashion designers and architects who dare to think differently and are redefining their professions by creating common ground for collaboration visible through window displays. By exposing the city as a gallery and a mediator in the communication between fashion designers and architects WDW will reach broader audience. The essential principle of the festival is not only to showcase / communicate art, but to transfer messages about fashion and architecture’s sustainable values.

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