WDW Team:

Kristina Gligorovska – fashion researcher and fashion communications specialist involved in exploring fashion as a multidisciplinary field with extensive experience in analyzing the link between modern fashion / art issues and digital trends for various acknowledged universities and media outlets. The motivation to explore fashion as discipline that draws from various cultures has led her towards education and vast work experience in Stockholm, New York, London, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul.

Lidiya Georgieva – well-established and recognized fashion designer and full-time professor in fashion design at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. Aside of substantial fashion design experience for renowned French fashion houses like Pierre Balmain and Rochas, she founded her own label in 1998 that is part of designer shops in France, UK, Italy, Japan and USA and is involved in projects related to home design, art exhibitions, costume design for theatre and modern dance.

Iskra Jankovska Mihajlovska – an architect and interior design specialist. She owns an architecture studio since 2009, and has extensive experience in mentoring young architects in interior design. An active member of a grass-root civil initiative focusing on enhancing the quality of the public spaces in Skopje.

Angela Donevska – a project assistant at WDW. BEng in the field of  Design and engineering of clothes. An author and one of the project coordinators at “Kocka”- a platform for support and empowerment of young designers and dancers. She presented some of her designer work at Fashion Weekend Skopje, Skopje Design Week, “Skopje Kreativa” – Festival of creative arts and Fashion & Lifestyle Expo.